October 27, 2006

What's happening?

... not a lot, at the moment.

Autumn is here, but we still need some British breeders!

So, where have we cocked up and where do we still have a chance? A summary...

Red-necked Grebe. Still possible, but we'll probably have to twitch one somewhere inland.
Storm-petrel, Leach's Petrel. Looking decidedly unlikely...
White-tailed Eagle. Dipping in Scotland in May means we've virtually no chance.
Ptarmigan. Definitely no chance.
Quail. Too late now... but where were they all?
Golden Pheasant. Not beyond the realms of possibility.
Spotted Crake, Corncrake. Left it too late. Doh.
Crane. Still in with a chance. Need to go to the right places.
Stone-curlew. Ballsed that one up. Failure to visit right part of Brecks at the right time.
Dotterel. Spring passage in Cambs went unnoticed this year, and dipped in Cornwall.
Temminck's Stint. Too lazy to go and twitch any (anyway, they don't really breed, do they?).
Purple Sandpiper. Hopefully will still see these...
Roseate Tern. Lack of finance meant trip to the North not possible.
Ring-necked Parakeet. Will have to go to London. Yuck.
Bee-eater. Failed to twitch any, or find any nesting in the quarry at The Lodge...
Lesser Spotted Woodpecker. Didn't get any in spring; will need some jam.
Savi's, Marsh and Icterine Warblers. Never seriously on the cards.
Willow Tit. Should still be possible.
Serin. Never had much chance.
Twite. Not on Llanfairfechan seafront, so we'll have to head east.
Parrot Crossbill. Always going to be a bit ropey.
Common Rosefinch. Well, you never know...
Snow Bunting. Likely to get this, I think...

There you have it. We're rubbish twitchers, you see.