September 10, 2006

Easy Ticks

We went sea-watching at Weybourne this weekend. God, its bloody hard.

I consider myself to be a careful birder, but the number of birds that went unidentified was staggering. What I can report is that around a thousand terns - mainly Sandwich - flew east in little under two hours. Five skuas were positively identified: two arctic and three great. The bonxies couldn't be arsed with the terns but the arctics put on a superb display of elegant thuggery.

A distant red-throated diver gave itself up along with a few guillemots. I couldn't string a pomarine for the life of me.

It made me think how easy some people have it - they never seem to dip. I wish I had such a god-like prowess in the field.

Bird 'A' seen at location 'B' in bush 'C' means that the first bird that observer 'X' sees flitting about in bush 'C' must be bird 'A'

Well, in my experience, it just doesn't work like that. And if it did, this birding business would be a boring waste of time and you may as well just log on to BirdGuides for your daily fix.

F*ck 'em.

We also saw a very attractive and rather showy barred warbler. Sometimes things don't pan out as you anticipate...

Species added today
188. Great Skua
189. Arctic Skua

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Will said...

You should have been at Salthouse... an adult Pomarine came right in, close (was just off the beach) and lingered about for ages (even flying into a flock of Arctic Skuas for instant size comparison), even resting on the sea for a bit! Nothing much else moving though.