June 12, 2006

How not to twitch a bird after work

This was an evening of mixed success.

17.15. Leave work accompanied by Messrs Ward and Peters.
17:25. Car windscreen wipers stop working.
17:30. Car starts making slightly odd noise.
17:49. Car indicators stop working.
17:50. Arrive at destination, Millbrook Station, with very odd noises indeed, for a car...
17:52. Decide that car is knackered but go off to see the bird anyway, since we'd got there.
18:00. Watch Red-footed Falcon for a while. It never gets close.
19:45. Get back to car, discover it won't start and ring RAC.
19:50. Walk to Marston Moretaine to obtain sustenance.
21:00. Hear Grasshopper Warblers reeling on the walk back to the wretched car - year tick!
21:15. RAC man arrives.
21:25. RAC man gives us a tow-start and we're away!

Didn't get to bed til late, but at least we saw the Red-foot and the walk to Marston meant we heard the Gropper.

Every breakdown has a silver lining.

Species added today:
[Red-footed Falcon]
178. Grasshopper Warbler

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