June 12, 2006

How not to twitch a bird after work

This was an evening of mixed success.

17.15. Leave work accompanied by Messrs Ward and Peters.
17:25. Car windscreen wipers stop working.
17:30. Car starts making slightly odd noise.
17:49. Car indicators stop working.
17:50. Arrive at destination, Millbrook Station, with very odd noises indeed, for a car...
17:52. Decide that car is knackered but go off to see the bird anyway, since we'd got there.
18:00. Watch Red-footed Falcon for a while. It never gets close.
19:45. Get back to car, discover it won't start and ring RAC.
19:50. Walk to Marston Moretaine to obtain sustenance.
21:00. Hear Grasshopper Warblers reeling on the walk back to the wretched car - year tick!
21:15. RAC man arrives.
21:25. RAC man gives us a tow-start and we're away!

Didn't get to bed til late, but at least we saw the Red-foot and the walk to Marston meant we heard the Gropper.

Every breakdown has a silver lining.

Species added today:
[Red-footed Falcon]
178. Grasshopper Warbler

June 03, 2006

Exmoor Dartford Warbler survey

In hindsight, it would have been better to have left Bedfordshire at lunchtime on Friday, and taken a leisurely drive down to Somerset, but we had to do a full day's work. So we arrived at the campsite in Porlock some time after 10pm, when it was dark and we had a tent to put up - a new tent which we'd never used before.

Spent Saturday and Sunday mornings looking for those pesky Dartford Warblers in the wilds of Exmoor.

Saturday afternoon was spent chilling out and reading the papers in the sunshine; Saturday evening was spent in the pub and Sunday afternoon was spent packing the tent back up and getting home.

And yes, we did find some.

Species added today:
177. Dartford Warbler