May 29, 2006

Pernis apivorus

Today was slightly less dramatic and we didn't run into any shady characters.

We began our day's bird-spotting at Great Ryburgh Raptor Watchpoint, which sounds grand but is a roped-off piece of a farmer's field on a hill overlooking some woodland. We weren't the only people there - about 50 others were standing in a row in front of a hedge, too.

To keep us occupied until the stars of the show - Honey Buzzards - arrived for their performance, a variety of Buzzards, Sparrowhawks and Egyptian Geese provided a warm-up. A few hours later than predicted, a single Honey Buzzard made its way across the sky, accompanied by a [Common] Buzzard.

It was good to see the key characteristics: funny, sticky-out head, slightly 'pinched-in' wings, long tail. The last time I saw a Honey Buzzard was at Haldon Forest in Devon, in 1993...

Went to Titchwell later on and managed to get another year-tick in the form of a female Reeded Beardling disappearing into the reedbed by the path. After that there was a vile rainstorm and I was glad we'd made it to the hide, from where we could watch the Avocet chicks hiding under the parents.

Titchwell is great.

Species added today:
174. Honey Buzzard
175. Bearded Tit
176. Little Tern

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