May 02, 2006

Nearly Dipper-dipped

Our last day in Wales and we were in danger of missing Dipper. Disastrous. Fortunately, local knowledge came to the rescue in the form of a text-message tip-off from Alan Davies: try walking upstream in Betws y Coed. We did just that and lo and behold, there was a pair of Dippers. Phew!

Time to clear off back to England.

Darren moans about me using my phone to access the Internet, but now all I need say to him are two words:

Woodchat Shrike

Browsing the sightings on BirdGuides, it was very lucky indeed that a Woodchat had turned up - at Trent Meadows, Derbyshire - within a couple of miles of where we'd be driving to get home. I had no idea where the site was exactly, but joy of joys, with the aid of Multimap I managed to guide us to the spot. It worked like a dream and Darren saw his first-ever shrike.

Useful links:
Birding Conwy

Thanks to Alan Davies and Ian Peters for useful info.

Species added today:
150. Dipper
151. Lesser Whitethroat
152. Garden Warbler
[Woodchat Shrike]

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