May 18, 2006

Lochindorb and Loch Ruthven

Fantastic views of two Ospreys at Lochindorb, including one flying - sunlit - into the wind, very low over the loch, which was deep blue (see pic on left).

Also two Black-throated Divers looking very dapper on the water. Tried to string something sitting onto a post into a Short-eared Owl, but it turned out to be... an owl-shaped piece of wood.

Darren saw a female Hen Harrier but I managed to miss it. A female Red Grouse was right by the side of the road.

Moved on to Loch Ruthven via the Farr road (which looked great for raptors but was rubbish...). Two pairs of Slavonian Grebes were on the water, looking very smart indeed.

Species added today:
162. Black-throated Diver

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