May 15, 2006

Grantown Woods

Didn't get much time in the field today, but what we did have was good. Mid-afternoon, we went for a walk around Grantown Woods to look for crossbills. We duly found crossbills - 21 in total including a couple of singing birds.

Rubbish record shot is on the left - we think it's Scottish (if it is possible to ID them in the field...?). Draw your own conclusions...

Red Squirrel was a lifer for me, too!

We'd stopped along one of the footpaths to listen to an unidentified sound when an enormous, black, turkey-sized thing leapt out from high up in one of the pines, crashed through the twigs and flew away from us.

Oh... right... That'll be a male Capercaillie, then... There was a slight feeling of anti-climax but at least we'd found our own...

Species added today:
157. Scottish Crossbill
158. Capercaillie
159. Hooded Crow

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