April 13, 2006

He doesn't want to talk about it

Received a slightly garbled message from Darren, mid-morning, about one of his colleagues having seen a Firecrest.

Lunchtime found me at the correct location with MAW, and by a stroke of luck (or perhaps skill), we managed to see the elusive, flame-feathered beast - for about three seconds. For most of that time I was looking at its backside but did manage to get a glimpse of white supercilium.

But where was Darren, you may ask? He'd made the schoolboy error of going to the building society at lunch, instead of searching for the Firecrest. To compound matters, his mobile was out of range, too, so the first he got to hear about it was when he saw Mark and me enjoying lunch in the canteen. He wasn't very happy.

You have to learn from these sorts of mistakes.

Not to worry, I said, one of Mark's mates has found a Hoopoe at Fowlmere - we can go and see that after work. It was understandable that Darren wanted to spend time after work looking for the Firecrest, but unfortunately it was an hour wasted.

By the time we got to Fowlmere, the Hoopoe had gone to roost and was barely visible in a thick hedge.

Sometimes, things just don't go your way.

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Species added today:
128. House Martin
129. Hoopoe

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