March 11, 2006

Sparrowhawk on steroids

Yes, as you may have guessed, we went to the Brecks today - that odd, pine-forested locale on the Norfolk-Suffolk border. You can tell when you get near because you start seeing Americans in obscenely large, left-hand drive vehicles.

We were only partially successful today. We had a few target birds we hoped to pick up in the area - Stone-curlew, Golden Pheasant, a wintering Great Grey Shrike, Woodlark and

Stone-curlews weren't around (they weren't showing in the fields we looked in, and Weeting Heath NWT doesn't open until 1 April!), creeping very quietly around Wayland Wood (see left) failed to find us any Golden Pheasants, and the Great Grey was nowhere to be seen.

So it's just as well that a Woodlark burst into song while we were looking for thick-knees
, and that we struck it lucky on a visit to another site for raptors.

Darren saw his first Goshawk today. An adult male, it dashed across a clearing and away into the depths of the forest through a snowstorm. No doubt about it - it was a heavy, substantial bird that moved with real power in its wingbeats - none of your scrawny Sparrowhawk rubbish.

For once, there was no need for debate over 'bird of the day'.

It was about the only bird we saw!

Species added today:
114. Woodlark
115. Goshawk


dave... said...

I think it's the farmers who drive around in the obscenely large right hand drive vehicles - combine harvesters p'raps?
The Americans would be trying to change gear with the window winders!

Katie said...

Er, thanks Dave... ;o)

Darren said...
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