March 28, 2006

'Let us go then, you and I...'

... to tick a thrush in Peckham Rye.

(Yes, that's more TS Eliot)

Last Monday, I received some photographs of a ''strange bird'' in someone's garden in Peckham. Usually these 'strange birds' turn out to be Fieldfares, but this was indeed a first-winter male American Robin. Big news, so after putting news out and begging my line manager, me and a colleague went down to London on the train to see the bird and interview the finder (Katie couldn't make it).

We didn't see the bird, but had a good enough day anyway - the finder was a charming lady who offered us teas and biscuits. Birds of the day for me were the six Sand Martins just before we pulled into Sandy on the way home. For Mark, the best bird was the one standing on the platform at Welwyn North.

After Katie picked us up from the pub, we moved on to Grafham where Kittiwakes had earlier been seen: again no joy but we did get the first Swallow of the year as we drove home on the A1.

Species added today:
120. Swallow

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