February 27, 2006

More Y-fronts

White-fronts at Hatley St George

White-fronted Geese are everywhere at the moment. The beauties above are in Cambridgeshire, at Hatley St George, but it's well within reach for a lunchtime twitch from Beds.

The small lake at Hatley doesn't really look like it should be the haunt of wild geese, but they were there anyway - 35 White-fronted Geese grazing, bathing, preening, dozing, wing-flapping and generally doing the things that geese do. Very enjoyable.

As we pulled up at the roadside, Darren said 'This looks just like the kind of place you'd expect to find Little Owls'. As we got out of the car, two yelped from across the road in Hatley Park. I missed the one Darren saw in Norfolk in January, so it's a bit of a belated addition to the year-list. Better late than never...

Oh, and on the way home, we were fortunate to come across a Barn Owl hunting the roadside. By slowing down (nobody else about), we watched it floating along like a big, pale butterfly only ten feet away from the car. After a couple of minutes, it dived headlong into the grass and looked around for the vole it thought it had jumped on. No joy, though, so it got up again and headed off on its evening's hunting.


Species added today:
112. Little Owl

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