January 29, 2006

Woodwalton Fen

Woodwalton Fen is a great place, but visiting it can be somewhat hit-and-miss. Yesterday, Richard Patient found an Arctic Redpoll in a finch flock which also contained Lesser and Mealy (Common) Redpolls, plus a load of Siskins. I thought a visit might be useful - not only to try to see the scarce redpoll species, but there could also be a chance of Woodcock, Bittern, Hen Harrier or even Goshawk...

Of course, we didn't see any of the latter four species, but we did find a big flock of finches. It comprised mostly Siskins (which were really, really hard to find last winter, incidentally) with a few Lesser Redpolls along for the ride. Then there was a bird which we thought might have been a Mealy, but the views we had weren't good enough to clinch it.

Hmmm. At least we don't need it for the year-list! I keep telling myself, but it's a bit annoying not to have seen it well enough. It's hard work, craning your neck to look in the treetops, but even harder to see the birds when they fly off out of view entirely.

It was a nice, frosty morning, though.

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