January 19, 2006

Woodston Ponds Nature Reserve

There's a sign as you approach the reserve that says Warning - Dangerous Ponds. Using the word dangerous is a bit misleading: it implies a certain excitement.

In truth, it really is rubbish. The only danger is of losing your footing on the boardwalk or seeing a Reed Bunting. You could hardly fall into one of the ponds as they are surrounded by barbed wire fencing and patrolled by guard dogs.

OK, I made that bit up but it has to be one of the most pointless public safety warnings ever. I'll take some photos next time and you can see what I mean for yourselves.

But hey, I've chosen it as my local patch, and that is where I'll go as often as possible to monitor populations.

Yesterday, an incredible 12 Bullfinches were recorded there - the highest ever total of Bullfinches ever recorded at this site since time began and since Bullfinches speciated from Archaeopteryx.

Probably because I am the only person who ever goes there. But that's the way I like it.

Today there were only 11. Which may have something to do with the Sparrowhawk that was calling and displaying over the reedbeds. I watched for ten minutes or so as the bird went about its flap-flap-stoop-rise-flap-flap-stoop-rise routine. The local Black-headed Gulls were clearly unimpressed.

I've changed my mind. Woodston Ponds rules!!

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