January 01, 2006

Starter for ten...

Tame Robin, Bluebell Wood.

Happy new year, everyone. Let the listing commence.

Unsurprisingly, Robin was the first in the notebook for 2006, with one singing in the wee small hours.

Several hours later, the first proper birding destination of the year was, predictably, Ferry Meadows Country Park, Peterborough. With Hawfinches on offer - a species which could be devilishly hard to catch up with later in the year - there was no competition.

We gathered common species as we walked from the car-park to the Hawfinch site. So far, so good. Would the target bird play ball? The answer was a resounding 'YES!' - and it was the first finch species on our list for the year, with Siskin and Lesser Redpoll hot on its heels. Amazing...

After enjoying good views of the Hawfinch, as it perched in the treetops, we took a walk around other parts of the park, adding new stuff all the time. Isn't January 1 great?

A visit to the Bluebell Wood feeding station was in order, where the tame Robins tried to scrounge crumbs from us and Nuthatches made lightning-fast raids to the bird table. A Marsh Tit pitchood and a Treecreeper... crept up a tree. So far, so good.

Later, a visit to Orton Brick Pit and a good scan through the assembled wildfowl got us Ruddy Duck and Goldeneye, while a rather dull Eldernell had Wigeon and Marsh Harrier for the list (and also Bewick's Swan, but that's not a British breeder).

Species added today:

1. Robin
2. Blackbird
3. Starling
4. Black-headed Gull
5. House Sparrow
6. Magpie
7. Woodpigeon
8. Carrion Crow
9. Mute Swan
10. Green Woodpecker
11. Moorhen
12. Long-tailed Tit
13. Common Gull
14. Coot
15. Canada Goose
16. Greylag Goose
17. Mallard
18. Great Crested Grebe
19. Song Thrush
20. Great Tit
21. Blue Tit
22. Hawfinch
23. Siskin
24. Lesser Redpoll
25. Goldfinch
26. Feral Pigeon [Rock Dove]
27. Bullfinch
28. Redwing
29. Goldcrest
30. Cormorant
31. Wren
32. Chaffinch
33. Fieldfare
34. Greenfinch
35. Great Spotted Woodpecker
36. Mistle Thrush
37. Grey Heron
38. Shoveler
39. Pochard
40. Pied Wagtail
41. Snipe
42. Lapwing
43. Teal
44. Pheasant
45. Rook
46. Gadwall
47. Kestrel
48. Little Grebe
49. Dunnock
50. Marsh Tit
51. Nuthatch
52. Treecreeper
53. Sparrowhawk
54. Meadow Pipit
55. Tufted Duck
56. Golden Plover
57. Reed Bunting
58. Goldeneye
59. Ruddy Duck
60. Lesser Black-backed Gull
61. Collared Dove
62. Wigeon
63. Marsh Harrier
Bewick's Swan

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