January 10, 2006

Dole Scum

Katie was back at work yesterday. I am, for six months of the year at least, and in the words of Pauline from League of Gentlemen, dole scum.

K was able to drop me off and pick me up in Bedford so I had the whole day for birding and decided on a visit to a couple of the old haunts, Priory CP for Grey Wagtail, Chiffchaff and Blackcap, Willington for Common and Green Sandpipers and then Fenlake Meadows for a general mooch around. This also gave me the opportunity to grip off Katie as we both have to see the bird for it to count towards our target.

But what else am I supposed to do? Spend my afternoons sitting in front of the TV flicking myself off to Tricia and not looking out of the window or not going out in case I see a bird that K can't?


Eight hours in the field and some nice birds in the bag. No wintering warblers but a couple of super close-ups of the resident Grey Wagtails on the canoe slalom at Priory- my favourite bird by a country mile and these birds are incredibly confiding, so used are they to dog walkers I was viewing down to 20 feet or so. I just wished that K were there to get some pics.

A flyover ''vwist''-ing Water Pipit at Fenlake and a wintering Green Sandpiper in exactly the same spot that I saw one last year at Willington. The last two are non-breeders and don't count anyway so K only needs to find a Grey Wagtail before we can add it to the list. Working at The Lodge, that shouldn't be too difficult if she stands by the swimming pool during her lunch break instead of stuffing chips in her face in the staff canteen.

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