January 04, 2006

America Farm, Eggs and Chips

"Where today then, Katie dear?" says I.

"America Farm'' says she. ''Last time I went I had Tree Sparrow, Short-eared Owl, oh yeah, and Merlin!''

"Sounds cool" says I.

So off we set via the petrol station, ostensibly to grab some lunch but with the baguettes retailing at a rage-inducing £3.19, we decided on a pub lunch at a little establishment we had found a few months back - the fabulous Three Horseshoes at Wistow. But first some birding.

Katie was right about America Farm: it looked superb for Tree Sparrow, Short-eared Owl and Merlin. The shame was that there was bugger all there save a few Yellowhammers, Skylarks, Kestrels, about 1000 Woodpigeons and about the same number of corvids. We couldn't even string a buzzard-shaped object that was sat in a distant tree into a Buzzard. We left.

Next stop: Polebrook Airfield Nature Reserve... or so the map said. Upon arrival, the following sign greets us:

''Anyone found picking flowers will be prosecuted. Entry by appointment only. Trespassers will be executed.'

I could go on to tell you about our visit to Woodwalton Fen, where we hoped for owls, harriers or Bitterns, but we saw none of those and I really can't be arsed. In fact, we saw nothing but Redwings and Reed Buntings. 17 fat 'finch/buntings' flying over in the gloaming and circling in the nervous manner of Corn Buntings were surely Corn Buntings, but the little bastards couldn't even be arsed to call for us so we couldn't confirm this.

Lunch was very good and excellent value. Katie had the Thai Fishcakes (and Chips) and I had Egg and Chips and some of Katie's chips. Unfortunately, now she has a headache and has gone to bed without eating the Tesco's Finest Milk Chocolate with Praline that I bought her (lunch and headache are unrelated). This is strangely ironic because I promised to give up smoking on New Years Day (and haven't smoked since) if Katie promised to give up chocolate as of tomorrow. Hahahahahahaha!!

Species added today:
73. Yellowhammer
74. Jay

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